Craigslist Sex? Try This Weird App for Casual Encounters

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Craigslist Sex? Try This Weird App for Casual Encounters

In the not-so-distant past, Craigslist was the go-to online haven for those seeking casual encounters, casual dates and NSA hookups. Craiglist's unassuming interface was sprinkled with personal ads, ranging from the coy to the candid, offering a tantalizing selection of online dating opportunities.

However, the days of scrolling through Craigslist for such rendezvous are long gone, with the platform shuttering its famed 'casual encounters' section. But for those who mourn its loss, there's a beacon on the horizon. A new online dating site has emerged, taking what Craigslist once offered and elevating it to new heights. Dive in as we explore this redefined realm of personal ads and online connections.

What Happened To Craigslist Personals?

In 2018, Craigslist made the decision to shutter its iconic 'casual encounters' section, marking the end of an era for many who turned to the platform for casual dating and personal ad interactions. This move was largely in response to the U.S. Congress passing the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which sought to hold websites responsible for illegal activities promoted by their personal ads.

Fearing the legal repercussions, Craigslist completely closed this section, affecting many who had relied on it for hookup dating sites, jobs and connections. Those looking for casual sex the world over mourned the loss of Craigslist personal ads, and we've been crying out for a Craigslist replacement ever since.

Can You Still Get Casual Sex Through Craigslist?

To say that Craigslist sex is completely gone isn't quite accurate, because you MIGHT find a casual encounter through there... You'd just need to be patient and be very, very lucky. But really, other sites have jumped in to fill the personal ad-void, so if you're looking for places that are similar to Craigslist but accessible for younger generations, we've got a list of Craigslist personals alternatives right here.

Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives

Finding hookups through personal ads online isn't just limited to Craigslist. Women and men utilize different ads sites to locate local singles these days, and we've dug deep to find the best Craigslist alternative for you. From causal encounters to missed connections, here are 5 CL personals to find sex near you.


Bedpage began as a place exclusively for escorts to post classified ads, but over time it evolved into a platform to find consensual casual hookups too. The site looks a lot like Craigslist and mimicks the site's functions somewhat shamelessly. Bedpage wasn't affected by the 2018 laws, so it remains oen of the best alternative websites to Craigslist personals today.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder might be the oldest online dating site around. Despite the name, it doesn't just help members find friends, and many users consider Adult Friend Finder the original casual hookup site. With a great personals section, Adult Friend Finder still remains an online dating powerhouse, especially for adults in the swinger community.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison might be a place for discreet hook ups with married people, but it's got a pretty awesome personals section too. But this extramarital affairs platform doesn't come free, so expect to pay a pretty penny if you're looking for a one night stand with someone's wife. Ashley Madison obviously isn't great for finding a serious relationship, but it'll help break up someone else's.

Reddit Personals

Whatever your sexual preferences, Reddit is a great place to meet people with similar interests to you. A lot of people think Reddit is just a bunch of nerdy gamers posting memes and talking politics, but Reddit's personals section makes for a fantastic alternative to Craigslist. It has a completely free version and it's user friendly. The only downside is that it features a LOT more men than women.

Old Craigslist Personals

If you're feeling nostalgic, why not go back to basics? You can still post Craigslist personals, you just have to post them in non-dating sections since the personals section doesn't exist anymore. Be careful, because posting ads with a focus on sex is risky as most people will report you straight away. You won't find a lot of success with Craigslist personal ads, but it's fun for that nostagia hit.

What's The BEST Alternative To Craigslist Personals?

All of the above sites have their merits, but if you want the BEST alternative to CL personals, then we're going to have to choose... a completely different dating site. Well, not a dating site as such, but a place where casual encounters are the baseline. A place where all dating preferences are catered to, but the majority of other users seek nothing but casual sex. Interested? We've got all the details right here.

SexSearch.App - Voted #1 Craigslist Alternative In 2023

Where many sites have attempted to fill the void left by Craigslist's departure from the personals space, SexSearch has combined the simplicity of Craigslist-style sex dating personals with modern features, allowing members to effortlessly browse and connect for all manner of adult fun. It's not a dating site, and it's more than just an ad site. SexSearch.App is a veritable sex app for meeting like-minded sex partners.

The platform caters to horny guys and girls looking to spice up their sex life, facilitating everything from casual booty calls to more in-depth dating experiences and short-term relationships. With a user-friendly web interface, active community and efficient features, SexSearch.App is go-to for anyone wanting to interact with other members and forge genuine, brief connections.

Craigslist Hookups The Old Way

Just like the bygone era of Craigslist personals, users gain access to a personals section tailored to their desires. Whether you're venturing into open relationships, catering to specific kinks, or just exploring your sexual limits, new users will find an inclusive community eager to connect. We mirror the old Craigslist model but take it to exciting new highs, boasting more services than any other online dating site around.

This Site Blows Regular Dating Sites Away

Used any online dating apps or sites recently? Even the big bads like Match and Ashley Madison offer a whole lot of nothing these days, and in an age where we're all connected 24/7, you'd think meeting people would be easier than ever? For the most part, definitely not, which is why THIS casual sex site goes the extra mile to ensure that you discover a world of adult adventure. Everyone, every city, every sexuality.

Efficient Features Designed To Get You Laid

So the question is, what makes SexSearch.App so successful? Why do our members report incredible results time and time again, whether it's through posting personal ads or direct messaging? As we mentioned, this isn't a place for casual dates, and we've crafted a huge range of versatile features to ensure you find that perfect person for adult fun and discreet hook ups.

  • Completely Free Version

  • No Monthly Fee

  • Millions of Active Users

  • Unlimited Messages

  • Matches System

  • All Sexual Orientations Welcome

  • As Many Users As Tinder And OKCupid

  • Classified Ads

  • Video & Voice Chat

  • No Premium Membership Required

In the vast sea of hookup sites, our website stands out as a beacon of free, fun, and no-strings-attached experiences. We understand that not everyone wants long-term commitments, and sometimes, all you crave is a casual encounter. With that in mind, our platform has been designed to provide users with an avenue to find genuine hookups without the need to spend money on premium features.

What About SexSearch's Personal Ads?

As the best Craigslist personals alternative, the SexSearch.App website offers access to a vast choice of categories for easy searching, easy matching and even easier hookups.When you join our site, you'll find the following services available:

  • Men Seeking Women

  • Women Seeking Men

  • Men Seeking Men

  • Women Seeking Women

  • Missed Connections

  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans

  • BDSM & Fetish

  • Swinger Community

In the era following the closure of 'Craigslist personals', our site has emerged as the ultimate destination for those seeking casual encounters without hassle. Recognizing the diverse spectrum of sexual orientations, our platform has been meticulously crafted to cater to everyone. Beyond just casual meet-ups, the platform also offers users the opportunity to find friends with similar interests,

11 Reasons To Choose This Hookup Site Today

Among a sea of alternative websites, our platform stands out as the premier destination for casual hookups. Why spend money elsewhere when you can browse here and discover 11 compelling reasons to make this website your hookup site of choice today?

#11. More Users Than Any Modern Dating Site

Here on our casual sex site, you'll find people from every country, every continent, from next door to the other side of the planet. Different people from all walks of life are waiting to find hookup partners in every location in the world. Thought Match had the most users? Wrong. It's SexSearch.App by a million miles.

#10. Real Women - No Fakes

We know what you're thinking, every casual dating site has them - the dreaded fake profiles. Even the original Craigslist personals were loaded with them. However, we might be a free casual sex site, but we keep fakes, scammers and bots to absolute zero with our rigorous profile vetting process.

#9. 100% Free Casual Encounters

SexSearch.App isn't here to siphon your money with paid memberships and scams. Of course, we cover our web hosting costs, but we don't take our loyal members for granted. SexSearch.App promises to always remain free for the foreseeable future.

#8. Fantastic Female-To-Male Ratio

We're sure you've seen personal ads pages where the Men Seeking Women sections are bombarded with ads, while the Women Seeking Men category is completely dead. Well here at SexSearch.App, we actually have more female than male accounts to the tune of 60/40.

#7. Craigslist Casual Encounters... But Better

While we keep our personal ads section similar to Craigslist, we've added a number of additional tools to ensure maximum efficiency. Unlimited posting, 12 photos per post, phone numbers, advanced searching, security measures to help stay safe. Sign up and post ads in confidence!

#6. Cheating Wives? We've Got You Covered

Let's be honest, no one comes to a site called SexSearch.App for long term relationships or social networking. Our audience comes here for no strings attached sex, and this includes non-singles looking for extramarital partners. Be careful - expect to find a few married sluts seeking their next affair!

#5. Diverse Members, Wide Age Range

On our casual sex site, diversity is the cornerstone of the user base, embodying a broad spectrum of ages, genders and interests. From young, single adults to foxy mature women, the range is expansive, allowing everyone to search for their desired partner seamlessly.

#4. XXX Content For Rare Nights Off

Users can explore a vast array of categories of both pictures and videos, ranging from amateur uploads to professional content. Leaked content, VR porn, TikTok sex clips and Snapchat sex vids. We blend the world of hookups with Internet erotica so you're never left high and dry.

#3. No Limit Ads

Unlike Craigslist, SexSearch members can post as many ads as they like. Once registered, the main thing to remember is that posting ads is completely free, expanding your chances of finding that perfect connection. We've designed our platform with the goal of ensuring that people met through our service have a vast array of choices.

#2. Straightforward Communication

As a general rule, assume that all other members on here are looking for casual hookups just like you. For that reason, you don't have to beat around the bush or make small talk. SexSearch.App is the closest thing you'll find to a virtual reality orgy, so you don't need to hit somebody with your best lines to get results. Just tell them you're looking to hookup and hope for the best.

#1. Local Sex Guaranteed

We're so confident you'll find your next fuck buddy that we'll just go right out and say it - if you don't get local sex in 24 hours of joining, you won't get laid anywhere. With so many eager strangers in one place, a Sex Search account is the key to a revitalized sex life.

Want Free Sex Tonight? Look No Further

In a world where free sex apps have assumed the jobs of matchmakers, our casual dating site stands out by facilitating genuine connections with nearby singles, ensuring your ses story unfold in the most interesting of ways. There's no doubt that exciting and fulfilling encounters happen every day on our exclusive hookup tonight platform, fostering narratives of dating, hookups and companionship that are as real as they come.

The Best Sex App For Ebony Thots

If there's one type of ho that guarantees a great time, it's black babes. With luscious skin and asses like jello, your city is crawling with dark delights that want to meet for sex now and sample the white meat for a change. With the SexSearch sex app, even if you live in one of those all-white hick towns, you can search within 5 miles to find amazing cultured beauties looking for more than just friendship.

Latina Hoes LOVE Our Sex Ads

The vibrant rhythms of Latin cultures resonate through the picture profiles, ensuring you get a taste of authenticity every step of the way. The whole point of our site is to create an environment where users can get deeply involved, navigating through local sex ads that pique their interest. Our efficient matchmaking system is tailored to find matches that totally suits your preferences - fine Latinx babes included.

Hot Moms Are Tired Of Their Spouses, Can You Help?

If history has taught us anything, it's that no one bangs quite like a married woman. Dreamed about meeting a misbehaving mom that wants to sample her first taste of extramarital cock? Their husbands buy the luxury cars and white picket fences, but they have higher expectations for the bedroom that their golf-obsessed hubbies can't achieve. Be a hero, help a horny mother out tonight.

Meet Swingers For Group Sex Nearby

The benefits of swinging are well documented. We guess it's not for everyone, but if you want to watch your lady friend get railed - or feel like hooking up with someone else's - one dive into our sex classifieds will thrust you into a world of sex parties and partner-sharing - in a good way.

You Need These Sex Personals If You're A Gamer

Girls who play video games are a rare breed of thot, but every single one of them is practically begging for discrete fuck sessions. They spend their days milking virgins on gaming platforms, but once they log off, they crave real men to hang out their backdoors. They want a fuckbuddy that's going to use and abuse them, and leave them sore like some submissive anime whore. Interested? Subscribe immediately.

Sultry Asian Girls Do More Than Cook & Clean

Visiting our site is like a trip to the vast lands of Asia, where the men are ugly are the women are sexy submissive slags who'll love you long time regardless of your demands. Trust us when we say bagging an oriental side chick is like winning the lottery, because we can connect you with tons of kinky Asians that take in no-condom with no rizz.

Kinky Freaks NOT Here For Romance

It's fair to say that everybody has a kink, and our site is structured to cater to those sounds and whispers of unique desires. We've noticed that individuals with distinct tastes often miss out on finding partners who truly understand their perverted interests. Whether you've been searching for an answer to your specific needs or you're just becoming aware of a newfound kink, your next kinky contact is a few clicks away.

Thick BBW Babes To Toss The Salad

Salad and fat girls don't usually go hand in hand, but these ladies are here for a different kind of tossing. Research has shown that chunky babes are more sex-positive than other, and who doesn't love a slut that likes to indulge? For side chicks who devour creampies in more ways than one, don't sleep on the advantage that comes with fat girl sex.

Alternative Girls Looking For Casual Encounters With Strangers

You see them all over the Internet - alternative babes with bright red hair and tattoos on their tits. But where are these filthy freaks in the real world? Well, these kinds of hotties don't use dating sites to find their hookups, they use sex apps like ours. Ready to hookup with a bunch of alternatives with face tats and clit piercings? Far from your average Craigslist women, find people that suit your needs right here.

FAO Cheaters - Better Than Ashley Madison For Affairs

Long term relationships have their advantages, because eventually the woman gets bored and starts fucking around. This very second, there are millions of babes who give the impression of wedded bliss but are going on casual dates and hooking up in private. Your married friends are all doing it, so if you're looking for casual infidelity, there's only one hookup platform you need in your life.

College Girls Within 1 Mile Need No Commitments Sex (In Public)

You keep getting older but they stay the same age. They're home for summer and they know how to maintain their figure - what more do you want from a short-term sex buddy? Honestly, today's teens are wild ass nymphos that sell their used panties on OnlyFans and post their dirty snaps and TikToks on sex sites, so naturally, the coed whores on Sex Search make for incredible fuck buddies.

Sex Finder Tool For Fast Sex Close By

Got a bone that you can't bury? Then our Sexbook feature is the number one tool for getting the job done. This nifty little feature connects you with other users looking for quick sex within an hour. Look through sexfinder profiles of horny members, decide on one, then reap the benefit of instant communication with nymphomaniacs in your area.

Males & Females Of Every Age, Race & Gender

Blonde, brunette, redheads, MILF, granny, tranny, teen, cougar, and even prostitutes are all at your beck and call once you register on our casual dating site. Whether you have a specific type in mind, or if you're just happy to go wild on a random pussy hole, SexSearch.App is basically the best option right now.

Members In Every Location Worldwide

Just like Craigslist personals, we have users in every country, every city, every backwater locale. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, UK, France, Germany, South America and more. USA, Europe and Canada are our busiest areas, but members from every country get involved. For casual hookups like never before, you're in the right place.

Blur Photos For Anonymous Browsing - No One Will Know You're Signed Up

Not many dating sites understand the importance of discretion - but we do. Every user is given access to our automatic media-blurring, so you can shift your face out of focus and ensure the attention is fully on the working length in your trousers. Our research shows that Craigslist women absolutely LOVE this tool, especially the ones already in relationships!

Gay, Lesbian & LGBTQ Partners Welcome

In the dynamic hookup scene, our site takes pride in being an inclusive platform, especially in the wake of the void left by Craigslist ads. While many sites restrict or limit their services to specific groups, we believe that meeting new people should be free and accessible to all. Hence, we've tailored our platform to welcome gay, bisexual, and lesbian individuals, ensuring a comfortable space for posting and finding genuine hookups.

Testimonials From Satisfied SexSearch.App Members

Don't just take our words for it. Listen to what our real members have to say about our website, and no, our editorial staff had nothing to do with these glowing reviews!

'I first discovered Sex Search after reading an article about it, and at first I thought it was too good to be true. But I tried my luck and gave the postings section a try, and seriously, the rest was history. One dirty photo and a few naughty mesages later, I was sleeping in someone else's bed that night. Sadly, I never saw that woman again, so if you're reading this Michelle, hit me up again!' - James G. | Brookline, NH.

'I talked to a friend who said Sex Search was wonderful, so I tried it, and it turned a new page in my sex life. At first, hearing news about another hookup site made me a tad skeptical. But personally, the anonymous feature made me realize how legit it really is. For example, the idea appeals to me because I prefer keeping my adventures separate from my family and house life (I'm married, eeek), but right from the registration page, finding sex in my city has never been easier.' - Alison H. | Sacramento, CA.

'Sex & dating as a woman is an absolute nightmare. We're told it's not acceptable to have sex partners or friends with benefits, and you only have to wink at someone to get called a whore these days. But Sex Search has provided me with a private, secure space where I can meet guys close to me and get wild like I wanna. Finally, I've found a place that WORKS.' - Jade H. | London, UK.

No Sign Up, No Email, No Credit Card Info!

No signup, no phone number, no nothing. You can download our app and get going right away. All you need is an Android, iPhone, iOS device or desktop and you can transport yourself to a world of new adventures and sexual experiences you've only dreamed of. No one here is looking to 'date,' so don't worry about selling yourself or impressing anyone. If you want a sex friend, all you need is a smartphone and our app!

Disclaimer: Over 18 Adults Only! Discretion Needed At All Times

While Sex Search is certainly a free-for-all fuckfest, users still need to play by the rules. All profiles must be age-verified, and we don't allow profile pics that have been pulled off other sites. All uploaded media and information must be 100% legal, and if we recognize anything as fake or spam, offending users will have their life time membership revoked. Subscribe, have fun, but don't break the rules!

Your Free Hookup Guide - Here's How To Get Laid on SexSearch.App

Okay, so you know WHERE to find hookups, but what about actually getting them? How do you turn an interested party into a real sex partner? Relax, because here's your crash course in getting laid right here.

1. Create Your Profile

Hookups all start with your profile, but you don't have to go into too much detail. A few photos, an interesting bio, maybe a brief description of your wants. That's all it takes to kickstart the process, and a full profile will ensure you get picked up by our site's algorithm more often.

2. Send Messages

Hookups are a numbers game. The more you talk, the more chance of you have of landing hookups. Don't sweat it, because all the women on our website have expectations of sex anyway. So, you just need to make that instant connection with potential partners to increase your chances of casual dates.

3. Get Matches

Another way to contact members is through SexSearch's swipe system. You know how it works by now, and once you make a mutual match, you can begin to chat. Hell, you don't even have to exchange any words, just swipe and wait until someone swipes back. Easy.

4. Ask The Question

If you want the hookups, you have to make the move. Luckily, every other member knows exactly why you're here, so not only will they expect you to ask the ultimate question, but they'll encourage you too. Don't be shy and don't be subtle. Go for broke, and she'll 99% say yes.

5. Stay Safe!

This is the most important point. When you download our hookup app, you'll be getting busy regularly, and the last thing we want is our site to be the cataylst to an outbreak of chlamydia or a sudden population increase. Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.

Craigslist Personals Reimagined - A New World of Casual Encounters

The world of online dating and casual connections has been riddled with myths and misconceptions. Many have heard disheartening tales of scams and disappointing experiences, leading them down a path of hesitation. But, as we've highlighted throughout this article, Sex Search is changing the game Instead of leaving users feeling sad and wronged, our platform prioritizes genuine support and a clear intent to serve.

When you've decided to engage in a spontaneous exchange or are seeking contacts related to your sexual interests, our mobile platform ensures you find what's 'near me' or 'in my area'. We're creating an environment where every possibility is transparent, making the elusive 'snapsex' experience more attainable and less of a bet. For a casual dating and personal ad site that's NOT a scam, SexSearch.App is the only choice that makes sense.

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