Best Sex Apps? Top 5 To Find Casual Hookups in 2023

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We Tried 19 Top Sex Apps - Here Are The Ones That Work

We live in a world of endless dating apps, hookup sites and casual sex apps, to the point that there's a new one on the Google Play store every week. And with such an abundance of dating sites, separating the gold from the silly crap is no easy task. That's why we've done the hard work and listed the best hookup apps that'll give you the best chance of getting laid right now.

What is it you're looking for? Sex-positive women with no inhibitions? A regular hookup buddy? Throwaway sex in public? Hell, maybe you're holding out hope that you'll find love on a sex app? Whatever your desires lie, here are the top 5 best sex apps reviewed for your pleasure, plus one special hookup app you NEED to try.

How Are Sex Apps Different From Dating Apps?

The difference between a sex site and a dating site is expectations. On hookup apps, users are expecting to find no strings attached hookups and nothing more. Hookup apps are designed purely to help men and women find casual relationships, and this concept is usually implied by the language and imagery on display. For example, it's pretty obvious you're not going to find your future partner on a site named Fuckbook or Grindr.

And the cool thing about this is that the casual atmosphere provides plenty of other advantages. Users are more honest. Users are more open and explicit about their sexual desires. You don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself on snap sex if you tell a woman you like the idea of being pegged by a blonde tranny. Discussion about fetishes, kinks, preferences and sexuality are very much encouraged. People can express themselves without worrying about speaking out of turn.

A Sex App Will 100% Improve Your Sex Life

A lot of people think that joining a hookup site will be a serious risk or waste of time. After all, the best free hookup apps are crawling with millions of users, so they worry about getting lost in the shuffle. However, that's not how it works at all. There's a potential partner for everyone out there, and given the casual nature of hookup apps, new users are more willing to take risks connecting with strangers they usually wouldn't.

It's not about your looks or the size of your bank account. It's not even about testing your conversation ability. It's about being amongst like-minded people and maximizing your chances of meeting people you connect with. You won't find your soulmate on casual sex apps, but finding at least one one-time hookup or regular fuckbuddy is guaranteed from the moment you join.

What's The Best Dating App?

This question crops up constantly; 'what's the best dating app to meet for sex close to me?' Well, frankly there's no single answer because certain apps will have benefits that other apps don't. However, if you're looking for a guaranteed casual encounter or two, we've put together a handy list of the top 5 sex sites that'll definitely spice things up in your bedroom.

It doesn't matter what you're after providing you're not looking to get married. As long as chatting, sexting, and one night stands are on your bingo card, these apps will thrust you into a dark and dirty world of casual hookups from the get go.


As one of the most famous dating apps on the market, OKCupid packs a lot of punch. These days, it's more of a traditional dating app than a hookup app, but it's still a decent place to find casual sex and no strings attached relationships. OKCupid's biggest advantage is its massive user base, and while not everyone on here is looking for casual sex, you'll find it if you dig hard enough.

Like Tinder, OKCupid lets you play the matches game to find other users who you find attractive. You can set search filters to find matched users of your desired age range and sexual orientations, then swipe if you're interesting in hooking up or short term dating. With its diverse user base and sex positivity vibes, OKCupid is an amazing app for gay men, bisexual and queer women and trans users.

FriendFinder X

FriendFinderX is an offshoot of the famous Adult Friend Finder website, one of the first hookup apps ever. As an established sex app, FriendFinderX is as popular with the older demographic as it is with the younger folks. As the name suggests, it's purely for finding a casual lover, fling, one night stand or seeking a non-monogamous relationship.

When you browse someone's profile, pressing the heart button is a safe way to confirm that you're interested. Interaction is quite minimal on FriendFinderX, because it's assumed you and your potential matches are on the same page from the word go. Unlike other sex apps, you won't find many premium features on here. It's just swipe, like and hook up.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a solid option if you're okay with leaving your morals at the door. Most dating apps appeal to singles, but Ashley Madison appeals to people already in long term relationships. That's right, the app offers affairs, extramarital sex and cheating opportunities. It's one of the most controversial casual sex apps around, but there's no denying that it gets success.

Given its need for discretion, Ashley Madison offers an abundance of safety features that you wouldn't find on other apps. You can only view other members profiles after being given permission, and profile photos are blurred until you're verified. Don't bank on finding a serious relationship here, because most users are already in one. It's just discrete adult fun and nothing more. Just be careful, and stay safe!


Sex personals used to be the number one method of finding local hookups, but then sex apps like Tinder came along and changed the game. But now, free listing sites are back in a big way, and it's not just a nostalgia thing for young people. Sex ads are a perfect way to advertise your needs on a passive basis, because any advertisement or link you put up stays in place for ages.

Craigslist might not be the BEST ad site to find a casual hookup, but given that about 50 million people visit the website every day, it's definitely worth checking out. It helps that half the people who post on Craigslist are usually super kinky and adventurous, so it's a great place specifically for queer people, gay men and couples in open relationships to find casual sex partners.

Pure App

Pure is a popular dating app that's fast becoming a must-have for young women and men in the online dating scene, particularly those who are a little on the shy side. While pretty much anything goes on here, Pure offers users multiple ways to interact in a fun, social environment. As well as chat rooms and events, it's got mini games to break the ice, so it's become popular with nerdy girls and guys too.

So it's great if you're into girls who play video games, but Pure also has a large user base and ensures members feel comfortable meeting people. Video chat features, lots of gender and sexual orientation options, plenty of open minded people to connect with. Pure even has created a unique 'sex toy' feature that needs to be experienced to be believed. Put simply, Pure is a unique dating platform that's well worth a download.

Are These Really The Best Sex Apps?

Calling one dating app the 'perfect app' might be limited, because the hook up scene is constantly evolving. Apps change, other sites come along that shake things up, some apps get so popular that they become plagued with security problems like fake profiles. At one point, it was impossible to NOT find local sex on Tinder, but even the most well known hookup app of all time eventually imploded.

However, there's been one hookup app that's stood the test of time. It isn't listed above, but luckily this classic app has been facilitating casual encounters for many years and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it's been the top sex finder app for three years in a row now, and actually has the best male to female ratio (40/60) of any casual hookup app on the app store.

Sexsearch.App - The #1 Anonymous Hookup App You Need To Download

SexSearch is an established hookup app that's been bringing like minded individuals together for the past few years. It's something of a secret weapon in the dating world, because while it's not mainstream like Hinge or Match, it boasts a reputation and a user base that rivals any big name hookup app. It focuses purely on NSA meetups, nothing more.

You won't arrange your next long term relationship through Sexsearch.App, but you can have a ton of fun as you weed out candidates. It's a sexual encounter paradise, and it doesn't matter if you live in a bustling city or small town - new friends (with benefits) are just a few clicks away. It's not one of those TikTok sex apps that's designed to be deleted - its function is purely to help you make great connections with compatible partners.

What Makes Sexsearch Such A Great App?

How does this hookup app stand out from the crowd? What's the deal? Well, here's what you can expect to find when you sign up:

  • Free membership - no need to pay a cent

  • Instant access to all features

  • Free messages

  • Matches feature

  • Millions of worldwide members

  • Location Tracker

  • Niche adult communities

  • Available on multiple phones and platforms (Android, iOS, desktop)

  • Sex classifieds page

  • No subscriptions, no cost

Sound too good to be true? We assure you it's not. A premium membership is totally free and guarantees you find results in 24 hours of creating a profile and searching around. If you don't believe us, watch what will happen the moment you join! might be the exact answers to your filthy prayers!

Better Than Tinder, Adult Friend Finder & Bumble Combined

If you want to find REAL sex with real women, bog standard date apps just don't cut it anymore. And don't even think about cruising places like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for hookups because honestly, they're the worst sites of all. Finding people to hookup with should be easier than ever in today's society of constant connection, which is why Sexsearch.App puts the power back in the users hands.

Free Messaging, Unlimited Conversations - No Catch!

We'll get straight to business. Whenever apps mention 'free,' it usually means there's a price attached somewhere - but that's where Sexsearch.App differs from the competition. No paying required and you can mark our words. As soon as you you join the platform, you can direct message users, browse profile pictures, play the match-making game and basically go wild without having to pay a dime.

Start Exploring Your Sexual Fantasies With Naughty Single Ladies

The hottest thing about one night stands? You can go wild. On dates, you have to pretend to play the part, but hopping straight into bed is a different story. No sense of awkward fumbling because you can be upfront right away. Just lose yourself in the intimacy and excitement, and it doesn't matter if you leave a bad impression because you'll be blocking her number anyway. Perfect.

Wannabe Side Chicks Seeking Stranger Hookups Within 5 Miles

You have to respect the sanctity of the side chick. She doesn't crave romantic gestures or relationship secuity. When her name flashes up on your mobile, it means she wants sex now, so you just need to be willing to provide the D then send her home in a cab. Everyone has a side girl, from your best friend to that weird lesbian across the street. If you want one for yourself, guess where they're all hiding.

Threesome Fun With Local Couples

Thought threesomes were out of the question? Wrong. This free app is brimming with swingers and sharing couples looking to contact a new partner to join their group sex sessions. First time sharers have become a big thing in recent years, meaning the swinging community is now in full, well, swing. If you've been dying to explore this genuinely exciting scene for yourself, there's literally only one app you need to download.

Your Old Lady Fetish Needn't Be A Dirty Secret

There's mature, and then there's really mature. The truth is we're all attracted to different things, and some people choose grannies. And now, you don't have to spend your nights looking at granny Tiktoks or VR GILF porn. Pensioners want free sex too, so hit one up when she's in the mood (usually straight after Murder She Wrote) and give her the one thing she's been missing since her husband died.

Get Your First Taste Of Asian Pussy

Oriental babes play fast and loose with the rules. One minute they're playing coy, the next minute they're gagging to take a thick length in a public place. Asians are known for being freaks in the sack compared to their white counterparts, and is the only sex dating hub to bag a hot Eastern slut who'll ride you all weekend and then fix your smartphone afterwards.

BDSM Bitches Ready To Be Spanked Raw

Some people lke brunette MILFs with big tits. Some people like their balls nailed to a footstool. If you're ready to be tied and denied (or maybe do some tying yourself), this free app is packed with kinky babes ready to make you hurt and spurt. Stats show that the popularity of BDSM is growing one month to month, so for kinky fuck buddies, there's no better choice.

Send Naughty Wives Home To Their Husbands With Dick Breath

What guy doesn't have the fucking another man's wife fantasy? We've all thought about the possibilities. They get the romance from their husbands, but they get their dick fix from random guys on dating apps. These soccermoms aren't interested in a coffee date, they're just a looking for a one-hour fuck session before Jim gets back from golf. You'll be surprised at just how many affair opportunities are available!

Thot Gamers Need A Break From Snapchat Sex

Nerdy gamer girls are more used to Twitch and TikTok, sex not so much. But of course, these geeks decide to spread their wings (and legs) eventually, and Sexsearch.App is the first place to try snap chat sex. If you want sex near me and you're ready to go beyond virtual reality and pair up with some blue-haired nerd who's already identified as two different genders this week, there's only one option available.

Single Mom In Your Neighborhood Needs A New Sex Buddy

We've heard your cries. 'Where are the MILFs in my city? Why no single moms near me?' Fear not, because there's plenty of motherly fish in the sea that is Sexsearch.App, and you won't even need to use craigslist for sex. When not linking up with her housewife friends or writing boring Facebook posts, these single mothers are hunting new cock at the bar or on sex apps like this.

Location Tracking To Find A One Night Stand Within 1 Mile

Android and iPhone users can make full use of Sexsearch's Location Tracking feature to find people close by. Just hit the 'In My Area' section to see who's prowling your town at that very moment, then just send a few sexy messages and see where things lead. Remember, every single person on here is looking for casual sex, so you don't have to be coy about things!

Exclusive Sex Book, Escort Listings, Worldwide Locations

Escorts. The complete package. Book them, tell them your intentions and jump right into the sack. No chats, no texting, no shame! Even if you can't find a wild ass ho who'll satisfy every demand, paid services are available to finish the job. Black, Latina, BBW, redheads - skip the games and fulfill your hunt for cunt with one of the many callgirls nearby on our sexbook.

100% Free Membership, No Credit Card Info, No Signup

Anonymity is important on this free hookup app. We know that not everyone wants their personal details broadcast to the world, so you don't need to concern yourself with that. No sign up, no email, no phone number, no other info. No personal photos or videos required. We keep all of your details classified for your peace of mind.

Worldwide Usebase - From New York To London

We need to note that Sexsearch's audience is nationwide. Turns out, people from nearly every country want sex tonight, from USA to Canada to dozens of countries around Europe. Queer men, slutty females, college girls and MILF hotties - they're all seeking their next sex friend , and most of them are using this free fuck app to make it happen.

Safe Sex Not Guaranteed! Keep Calm & Condom On

News flash: since we're advocating the mass slaying of teen sluts and cougar thots, we need to do the respectful thing and tell you to wrap it up. It's no secret that modern women prefer no-condom sex. It's just how it is. Today's hoes are addicted to the feel of a bare length dogging them raw, so if you want to keep you and your sexy buddy pregnancy-free, consider capping it before tapping it.

Search Features For Full Control Of Your Matches

Use the search filters to find new friends that tick all of your boxes. Possible searches options include; age, body type, gender identity, personality type, sexual intention, location and more. Just write in a keyword if and if a profile has it, it'll pop up.

Age-Verified Profiles, No Fakes Or Scammers

The best thing about this sex app is that it goes the extra mile to ensure constant quality. Accounts are regularly checked for human use, and any bots, fakes or scammers are kicked out fast. All pics, vids, and photo snaps are checked for legitimacy too, ensuring nothing has been pulled off the Internet. Everything is secure, private and 100% legal, and it's an adults-only hub - everyone must be over 18.

The Ultimate No Strings Attached Sex App - Ready To Download Right Now

Sexsearch.App has all the functionality, features and active users needed for effective communication with potential new hookup partners. We put the focus on interaction, not swiping or ads or unnecessary gimmicks. Today, finding a fuck buddy shouldn't be tricky, which is why we're committed to creating the biggest pool of horny singles in one place.

Chats with new people. Easy matches. Straightforward meetups. Flirt, chat, swap nudes, get busy within an hour of logging on. No pressure, no commitments. Just discreet adult fun with no rizz. Don't miss out. For a unique experience that's NOT a scam, come and find your next casual fling right here.

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