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Here's How to Actually Get a Friends With Benefits Relationship

It's a new world and a new era of dating. Today, we put our sexual interests at the forefront, whether we're looking for one night stands, regular sex buddies or romantic dates. If you're one of those guys that just wants to bang sluts without commitment, look no further, because we've got the Sex Friend app you NEED to check out.

Before we get there, let's talk a little bit about what a free sex friend actually is - and why they're awesome.

First of All, What's A Fuck Buddy?

Call them what you like; fuck buddy, sex buddy, friend with benefits - it all essentially means the same thing. An NSA relationship that's based around just sex, no romantic feelings. Fuck buddies don't quite get all the benefits of a serious relationship, but hey, it's a worthy sacrifice for the sake of sexual gratification.

Finding Fuck Buddies Shouldn't Be Hard

Sometimes a fuck buddy situation can happen naturally. Sometimes it takes hard work and effort, especially as NOT getting emotionally involved can be a struggle. But even so, the act of actually finding a fuck buddy should be a breeze in today's world, right? After all, we all enjoy sex and regular sex at that, and today, everyone broadcasts their sexual needs online. In that case, why is it so hard to find that right person?

Looking For Your Own Fuck Buddy Situation? Read The Rules First

Interested in finding your own personal fuck buddy? Want good sex on a whim? Well, wait, before we show you HOW to find a fuck buddy, we guess we need to tell any guys reading this post that fuck buddy deals aren't like you see in the movies. So, if you don't want to complicate things, keep these ground rules in mind.

You Can Still Be 'Just Mates'

Even though she's your booty call, you can still remain friends and do things that friends do. There's no rule against wanting to spend time with the person - as long as you feel you're both on the same page about it. Obviously, not everyone will want to have sex 100% of the time, so you can hope you can remain good friends while you give your dick a rest.

Don't Develop Feelings

Easier said than done, sure. But it's not impossible to have a fuck buddy turn into a romantic interest. When you find your new partner straying into boyfriend/girlfriend material, it's time to stop sleeping together. Two people rarely go from friends with benefits to exclusive partners. It's a sad story, but it doesn't work.

Have Fun

This is the main purpose of fuck buddies. We're talking about physical pleasure, so make the most of your friends with benefits situation by fucking and sucking to your heart's content. It's a no brainer. Two people, horny as hell, involved in a no strings attached relationship without commitment. Therefore, go wild.

Stay Safe (& STD Free!)

Let's be honest, if someone's having casual sex with a fuck buddy, chances are they're jumping into bed with other sexual partners too. As mentioned earlier, it's sexual satisfaction first, friendship second. Even if they're your best friend, they're not your exclusive partner, which is why most people in FWB relationships sleep around with other guys and lasses.

Don't Be Jealous

Jealousy has no place in a fuck buddy relationship. Honestly, keeping your emotions in check is 90% of the battle. You can't expect no a strings attached relationship if you don't respect the other person's feelings, and while having sex buddies is hot, emotional overload is the number one reason they break down. If you realize you've become jealous, it's time to steer clear.

Fuck Buddy Handbook: How To Find Sex Buddies Right Now

Okay, so now you know the basic stuff, but let's get to the point. Even if you're a master of flirting or a veritable pussy God, finding a regular sex buddy can be quite difficult. Finding a girl for one night isn't so hard, but usually what happens when she suddenly leaves the next day you never hear from her again? Landing a fuck buddy is a different beast, so try these approaches instead.

Try Your Friend Group

If you want to get laid with a sex buddy, you need to play to your social circles. The women you already know and hang with can make great date companions and even better fuck buddies, so use this to your advantage. Yes, it most cases it'll involve some awkward and uncomfortable conversation, but don't sleep and lose out on what can be an amazing mutually-beneficial relationship.

Hit The Club

The bar and social scene used to take the lead when it came to finding horny women. It's the first place you associate with no-rizz hookups. However, while bars are falling in popularity as attraction hubs, many admit they inevitably still play a significant role in hooking up. There's nothing quite like waking up the morning after a drunk night next to a stranger.

Use Casual Sex Sites

This takes the number one position by a huge margin. If you want to get laid with new sex buddies, a fuck app will make it happen. And luckily for you, we know exactly where you can find the best platform to connect with millions of cute women and make your hottest fantasies come to life.

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SexSearch is in fact a discrete, adults-only sexfinder platform designed to satisfy and appease all of your fuckbuddy needs in one easy-to-use sex site. This sex buddy app is brimming with horny singles - from teen hotties to Latina beauties - all looking for no commitments lays. From the moment you download this fuck app to your smartphone, you're guaranteed to meet for sex within 24 hours.

What Makes Sexsearch.App Different From Other Apps?

If you think this is a dating app, you're wrong. This is a sex app, and it does away with all the shit you expect from traditional apps. Basically, this fuck app is all about casual snapsex fun and nothing more. Orgasms, passion, drama-free hookups. You won't find love or a wife on here, but you might find yourself putting your cock up someone else's.

Women In Every Country, From North To South (That Need Sex Near Me)

Think you won't find users close by? You thought wrong. You're guaranteed to find dick-loving freaks within 1 mile of your location and you can quote us on that. With thousands of age-verified players in every city, we're an established Sexbook that understands that finding sex near me and slaying side chicks shouldn't be complicated.

A New Side Chick Wants It Quick (In 24 Hours Or Less)

Girlfriends are fine, but there's something alluring about the sexy side piece. Sometimes, you just need a lady friend on the side who'll indulge all sex/dating needs without expectations. Whether it's a thick BBW pig or an old granny who's still reasonably attractive, secure your next side ho for adult fun today.

Horny Single Moms Need New Dick

Everyone knows that working soccermoms are the filthiest kind of female. They've sworn off the male species forever, at least when it comes to boyfriends, but they'd be lying if they said they didn't enjoy a messy fuck session now and again. If you're into the mature cougar types, a no-condom shag with a desperate MILF is a few clicks away.

Girls Who Play Video Games Make For Easy Sex

Attention gamers, ever wanted to nail one of those anime-looking gamer girls who stream WoW on Twitch? Look no further. World of Warcraft? More like World of Whorecraft. Blonde, brunette, redheads - these cosplaying-loving females want sex tonight too, and they've ditched the Twitches, Snaps and TikToks for anonymous fucking without protection.

Fetish Whores Craving Taboo Experiences In My Area

Imagine for a second that you've walked into a stranger's room for the first time. She's waiting in knee high leather boots and has a cane in one hand. It's a risk for sure, but if pain and pleasure are your idea of fun, explore those BDSM desires with somebody who shares them.

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Who doesn't love a confidant, fat-assed black slut? What about an Oriental babe, the kinds you can't stop jerking off to in virtual reality porn? If you're dying to find a woman like this, challenge accepted on our part. When you join SexSearch.App, all categories of thot are on the table. Cuddly black bitches to skinny Asians, we're committed to bringing your bedroom fantasies to life.

Sex Classifieds For Sex Within An Hour (100% Legal)

Craigslist sex is back. Classified sex ads can get you laid with ladies in just a few words, and our sex personals section is a paradise for lovers of swingers, cheating wives, kinky hoes and college bitches who want local sex now. These were the original form of hookup communication, and SexSearch's has brought it back. Just another reason we've been the best fuck app for six years running.

Dirty Sex Talk? Snapchat Sex & TikTok Sex For Your Sexting Needs

This is more than a friends with benefits site. Our Snapchat Sex and TikTok Sex feature lets you share private photos and videos with boundaries to keep your pictures safe from being leaked. Don't worry, because all nudes are deleted within a minute.

Everyone Welcome; Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Escorts

We're all a family here. Not in the sick incest way, in that we treat every SexSearch.App member the same. No matter your body type, sexuality, race or gender, we foster an understanding environment for everyone. Tranny, bisexual, working mom, non-monogamous - you're welcome to eat at our table and join the sex dating.

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Not only is a life time membership to this sex site 100% free, but you can dive into profiles and find sex now with no sign up. Just grab out app for any mobile device (Android or iOS iPhone) ir desktop and begin chatting with nearby strangers instantly. Is it any wonder that every sex-seeking human in your city is using our site already?

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Don't believe what the other articles tell you. Getting laid isn't about how you walk, talk, look or sound. It doesn't matter if you're not the best dressed guy in town. It's about your mindset, it's about joining the party. If you're over 18 and tired of looking at XXX sites every night, ditch the porn vids and starting fucking for real. A legit hook up is MUCH better than any VR porn could ever be.

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