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Younger generations might not be aware that back in the nineties and early noughties, hookup sites and apps were few and far between. Back then, the easiest way to meet and find easy casual sex was through the sex personals. Most people know Craigslist as the place for used car and job advertisements, but it was once a virtual reality for casual hookups.

Sadly, Craiglist personals died a news-worthy death, and the world became consumed by traditional online dating sites around the same point in time. However, nostalgia is big business, and that's why the idea of Craigslist for sex tonight is blowing up again on today's casual dating scene. But with Craigslist personals dead and gone, other sites have jumped in to fill the void, so we're looking at the best alternative to Craigslist sex personals.

Craigslist Personals Are Coming Back

Okay, so maybe not Craiglist personals exactly, but personal ads sites that invoke everything we know and loved about the original hook up site. Many sites have come and gone over the past few years, including semi-famous alternative sites like Backpage and Oodle Personals. However, these so-called Craigslist alternatives never quite reached the dizzying heights of fame as the original.

But in the modern day, there's perfect storm brewing. Millions of people are becoming disenfranchised with dating online platforms, but these people still crave casual fun and engaging with strangers. Hookup dating sites are packed with ads, limited access to full features, expensive premium accounts and fake accounts galore. For these reasons, the personal ad wave is riding high again.

Let's Be Honest, Craigslist Personals Were Better Than Dating Sites

Craigslist personal ads were completely free to use. It had active users every second of the day. It had a user friendly interface, multiple different categories, users of all ages, people from all countries in the world. There was no signup, no email, no phone number required. Now, name a modern dating site that offers all that?

The harsh truth is that dating apps want your money, but on Craigslist, sex was the number one option. It didn't try and lure you in with 'unique' features and the women posting on there just wanted hookups and casual encounters. No paying to post ads and didn't require a paid subscription for unlimited access. Not only that, but all relationship types were on offer, from short term fuckbuddy deals to serious relationships.

Why Did Craigslist Personals Disappear?

2018 was a dark year for the world of adult personals, because that was the year that every major personal section opted for closure. Craigslist closed because of the introduction of a bill that held the sites themselves responsible for potential sex trafficking that occured through the adult personals page, so most places just shut their pages down, not wanting to be complicit with illegal activities.

That was when all the replace Craigslist personals equivalents began showing up, with varying success. Whether it was through lack of marketing or personal preferences, no alternative to Craiglist personals really took off. Still, some alternatives are still useful today (and there is one fantastic viable alternative that we'll talk about in a second).

Top 5 Craigslist Personals Alternatives

Ready to find a casual encounter the old fashioned way? Here's a link to the top 5 adult personals alternative if you want to experience how we found our hookups back in 2005.

Reddit Personals

Those familiar with Reddit know it's an amazing website. You might think its just another online nerd party where virgins jerk off to videos of gamer girls and share VR porn, but man, when it comes to finding curious, like minded people into the same freaky sex as you, nothing beats Reddit, and it makes for one of the best alternatives to Craigslist.

Free access. As many users as even the most popular online dating site. A user base brimming with young people with repressed sexual desires. You can take advantage of Reddit Personals' super popular community right now, and you can browse and explore every category 100% free. It runs smooth and you're sure to get a response quickly.

Locanto Personals

Locanto Personals is a great suitable replacement for Craigslist, and mimicked the entire mood of site even down to its appearance. It had a few additional features in there too, including more subcategories to help people find same minded people with ease. However, Locanto's problem was that it didn't have as big an active user community as Craigslist.

Also, Locanto isn't a completely free platform. The free version only offers limited features, and mesaging other members requires payment. While it's a great way to easily find new friends and lovers, you need to pony up the cash if you want to actually chat or connect with a new lady friend.


Much like Craigslist, Backpage Personals skyrocketed in popularity during the advent of personal ads sites, but it shut down for the same reasons Craigslist had to. However, a 100% sex-centric version of the site cropped up named YesBackpage, and for a long time was the best bet for a Craigslist replacement.

The YesBackpage platform offers potential dates, casual fun and many other types of meetups, but like Locanto, a premium membership is required to get the most out of it. However, it's worth it, because YesBackpage has a ton of fun features like live cams, XXX material and advanced search functions.

Ashley Madison

In case you didn't know, Ashley Madison focuses on affairs. It's far from a place to find a serious relationship, especially as most users are already in one. Instead, AM helps naughty people find extramarital-activity partners for a little infidelity fun. And we all know, finding a cheating mom in bars can be challenging.

Ashley Madison has a classified ads section too, with the biggest advantages being that every post is made by a non-single woman, so if you've got a thing for misbehaving wives, AM offers a good chance of tracking such a ho down. While it sounds great, it has a few downsides, namely that it requires a paid membership to use and it appears there are a LOT more men than women signed up.

Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder was the first online dating site to really put a focus on no strings attached sex. It's services are still in use, and remains a fantastic place for hookups and casual dates. With a fantastic section for sex classifieds too, creating an account AFF on will certainly put you in a good place.

Long term connections are available for people who crave a little romance in their lives too, and with 50 million+ user base from Canada to Australia to the USA, every location is covered. AFF is also a secret weapon amongst the swinger community too, helping partner-sharers find compatible partners for group fun.

There's One Adult Personals Site You Don't Want To Miss

Sure, every site up above has a great adult personals section to engage, but if we're being honest, it's gonna take a while to get laid through these apps. Not all of them are free, some have low activity, and some of them are plagued with scammers. You might have to fish for a while if you use the personal ads above, but there's sex app to find casual encounters that scores a homerun every single time.

Sexsearch.App - The #1 Site For Personal Ads

There's hope, light at the end of the tunnel, and it's called SexSearch. When it comes to casual encounters and meeting new women, Sexsearch.App blows all other online dating apps out of the water. Not only does it offer free messages, instant signup and tons of members from every city in the world, but it's got an efficient classifieds section purposely designed to help you meet people with no rizz. No hassle. No commitments.

How Do Sexsearch Listings Work?

It's easy. Register, input your essential information (age, location,sexual orientations) then create an ad immediately. Just list your preferences, shared interests, specific kinks and post your ad for millions of cock-seekers to pore over. Replies will begin rolling in straight away, answer the ones that grab your interest, ignore the ones that don't. Who said casual dating and needed to be difficult?

What Sections Will I Find On Sexsearch's Classified Ads?

All of the classic categories are available, including:

  • Men Seeking Women

  • Women Seeking Men

  • Men Seeking Men

  • Women Seeking Women

  • Dating and Casual Encounters

  • Serious Dating

  • Missed Connections

  • Fetish & BDSM Lovers

  • Friendship

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Thinking you won't find any potential matches? Sure, you've tried every casual dating site and they've all let you down, but Sexsearch.App is a different beast. The beauty of it lies in in its simplicity, so don't worry about having to impress or make deep conversation with potential matches. The nymphos that our site attracts are only interested in the meat between your legs.

Unlimited Browsing, Posting and Messaging

Sexsearch.App offers the personal ads equivalent of "unlimited swiping." Post ads, chat, share photos, search and browse postings until your fingers are red raw. Our editorial staff firmly believe that you shouldn't have to pay for a better sex life (although you have that option too). It's straightforward, simple to navigate, and is specifically designed for maxmizing your hookups.

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Want to get laid quick? No problem. Hit the 'Sex Near Me' option to find close by thots who are willing to get down and dirty at a moment's notice. The truth is that female cock-freaks want local sex now just as much as you do, and Sexsearch.App is here to bring you kinky bastards together in two clicks.

Married Women Are Ditching Long Term Relationships For This App

There's nothing hornier than a girl who's been married way too long that's looking for random sex now. These ladies are sick of playing the trophy wife. These days, they care more about getting dicked in public place or on the hood of their Honda Civics than they do cleaning their husbands' suits. Wifely expectations are out of the window, and now they just want to meet for sex and achieve ultimate satisfaction.

College Hoes Need New Fuck Buddies For The Summer

Everyone wants a regular sex buddy, and there's no better friends with benefits than some sex teen slut. These youthful vixens are back home for the holidays, and now they want a real man to show them the ropes. University has given them a taste for pure sexual exploration, and now they want someone at home they can rely on.

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Think that thot who plays video games don't crave passion? Wrong. Gamers are using their smartphone for more than just TikTok sex, Snapchat sex and YouTube vids.. Now, they've discovered sex sites, so they're upgrading from Twitch to making their pussy itch. Get Sexsearch.App on your iPhone, Android or desktop and like these sluts, ditch the Snaps and Tiktoks for something real.

Men Seeking Women For Sex Tonight

No scams. No signing up process. From the moment you interact with these hot singles, you can expect a crash course in hooking up. Write your ad, start responding and find out why Sexsearch.App has been voted the most discrete and secure age-verified site in the game today. Just be careful, don't drink before meetup, and maybe get a chlamydia test on the way home.

Millions Of Registered Profiles - Most Diverse Userbase On The Internet

As we mentioned, Sexsearch.App prides itself on being inclusive. No matter your age, body type, skin color, gender - everyone is welcome. Gay, bisexual, trans, swingers, ebony, BBW, cougar, Latina, MILF, or any other type of person or orientation. From black to Asian, granny to tranny. If it's a fuck buddy you want, we're the best place for you.

What Sexsearch.App Users Are Saying

Testimonials from our real members:

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'All it took was a profile picture. I didn't even need to cut the tags off Sexsearch.App and I was already getting my fix. This hookup platform gave me the ability to locate my kinds of women and narrow my options down. I'm an older guy, and casual dating sites catering to my crowd rarely get the job done. Sexsearch.App hits different.' Larry P. | Las Vegas, NV.

No Sign Up, No Credit Card - Finally, An App That Works

There's no doubt - we serve the hookup community to the fullest extent. Don't wait around, because other people aren't hanging around. Our research shows that we're used in over 2000 cities in the world, located ranging from Paris to Los Angeles. There's a side chick for you, from hot moms to thick-assed sexy blacks. No life time membership required - just a mobile or iOS device.

Disclaimer - Over 18 Adults Only! 100% Legal

Safety and security of our sexfinder users is our priority. Our site serves to connect consenting, mature adults for mutual fun. Our site has been reviewed by third party peers and can confirm is everything safe for use. Conversations remain private and will not be leaked. We verify all users. Anyone found to be breaking the rules will be banned.

Final Thoughts On Sexsearch.App - Subscribe Today

Get involved and meet interesting guys, girls and gays in a just a few clicks. Within a few words, you'll have landed the date, hookup or affair of your life, and that's what makes Sexsearch.App the complete package. We're the best choice for connecting with new side chicks, escorts and sex groups within 5 miles in 24 hours or less. Prepare to hook up right away, because your next sex friend will be at your door before you know it.

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